The Pillars of Happiness: Tap into Your Inner Compass

The Pillars of Happiness: Tap into Your Inner Compass

By now you’ve likely heard me talk about the importance of knowing your why and brand identity when it comes to your business. This time around, I want to raise an existential question that involves digging deeper… I want to know what your purpose is. 

What is that thriving force in your life? What brings you joy? What carries the innate ability to put a smile on your face? What ignites passion inside you? Strip away life’s externalities; your gadgets, designer possessions and everything else money can buy and what are you left with? An opportunity to discover the underlying perfections that lies within each of us. Often, we allow external factors to hinder the beauty within and around us. When we look inwards, we are able to recognize the things that are in the way; only then can we truly understand our purpose and learn how to pursue it.

When I learned how to lean in and get in touch with the essence within, I was able to discover significant matters of the heart. It led me to recognize and explore inner darknesses that were preventing me from being who I truly am. Underlying issues such as early failures in love, embedded beliefs of unworthiness, and not being good enough. These ultimately became my core subconscious beliefs. Through the practice of self love and tuning inwards I learned to dismantle these beliefs. Only then was I able tap into my inner compass. This inner compass guides me through the winding roads of life. I feel as if I’m being guided by my higher self. This allows me to operate with profound gratitude for the experiences of life and with a sense of knowing that every challenge comes with a lesson. I understand the journey through learning and value the chances I get in this life, and all of the gifts it bears.





So, about my journey to this cause. Let’s dive into the realm of the invisible and it’s wondrous ways. I have been intuitively guided to this cause. It became clear through a meditation when a vision appeared so vividly. I saw children one by one appearing, they were in distress and they needed love. I knew there was a purpose that awaits.

Fast forward to this past Monday when Aaron Friedland, founder and executive director of The Walking School Bus came to RED Academy in search of UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) Designers to assist with the curriculum evolvement. We learned about his non-profit organization which empowers access to education. The foundation is built on a holistic, research driven model which sets an infrastructure providing accessible education and nutrition. They have created “The BrightBox Classroom” As I continued to learn more, I felt a deep inner knowing that this is what I need to be a part of. Sooo I approached him and requested to join their expedition to assist with marketing efforts… I’m going to Uganda guys! 


Now us together, what I can tell you about the purpose that lay within us is our love for humanity. It is this that propels us forward, guiding us to step into our power and strengthens our ability to empower others. Coincidentally, our purposes leads us to Uganda. My hope is that the generations we impact will understand this love and its capabilities.  

What we undergo as children can shape us into the people we become. I believe collectively creating a world filled with compassion, love and empowerment cultivates an enriching meaningful culture for mankind. There will be no limits to how deeply our future generations can impact society. This is how we can change the world… Our children are the answer 💕

As I peel away layers and embrace the vulnerabilities that come with being human, I am able to share my voice. Because what’s a loud voice if it cannot be heard? I do this not for any glory but as an attempt to spread goodness to the world. As a refugee, I wouldn’t be living the life I do today had it not been for a stranger’s compassion. The kind of compassion so divine, it led my family out of Indonesia into Canada. I feel forever indebted to these beautiful souls that today still remain strangers. So here’s to all the incredibly altruistic energy that show us how to pay it forward 🙏


Uganda Expedition 2019

You don’t need to be there to make a difference! Help me fundraise to maximize the impact of this trip and to provide access to education to 10,000 students this summer!

Click here for the link 

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