My Spiritual Sensei – Michael Mamertino

My Spiritual Sensei – Michael Mamertino

Meet Who I Call My Spiritual Sensei

Michael Mamertino


Every Mindful Monday, Michael graciously opens his home to a small closed circle to meditate. My practice since has elevated beyond imagination. Having this powerhouse of a human a part my spiritual journey has been one of my greatest blessings.

Michael understands the depths of my many complexities without me having to put any effort in. It’s no easy task to break down my walls in the beginning. Naturally I can get quite guarded around the opposite sex, I don’t feel the same openness I feel around women. Don’t ask me why, I’m just awkward like that. Maybe I’ve been spoiled being around friends that know me so well therefore having to talk openly about myself feels foreign at times. Yes at times I can genuinely be bubbly & extroverted but my true essence lays within an old soul that values solitude.

But this Michael is special. He dislikes putting certain labels on his uniqueness so I will be mindful of my words… Michael has the unique ability to tune his energy into mine. He can reach within my deepest thoughts that I haven’t voiced. And he has no problem calling me out on them. “Damnit Mike!” is my reaction each time. Michael challenges me like no other and it was so damn uncomfortable at first but I knew my future self would thank me for enduring it. I also had a deep knowing that there was a higher purpose for crossing paths with him. I roughed it out and have grown so much, spiritually and intellectually.

We realized that we were destined to meet to join forces and share the wisdom he has devoted himself to learning and experiencing for years. He’s a Class A bookworm,  lifelong learner and just an all around incredible human being. And sorry Mike I’m gonna say it… He’s highly friggin psychic BUT he would say that he doesn’t see it as “psychic” or “mystical” but an intrinsic ability to find yourself a part of life and the people around you. Sooo we’re starting a podcast!! Well mostly Michael, I’ll appear as a guest here and there if he’ll have me but this will be used as a platform for him to bestow his wisdom onto our tribe.

We’re starting a movement

Get ready for us world 🌏

Here’s a teaser from a fundraiser we recently coordinated in support of The Walking School Bus. Enjoy and get ready to hit that repeat button! 

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