The Pillar of Every Startup: Tap into Your Why

The Pillar of Every Startup: Tap into Your Why

The Pillar of Every Startup: Tap into Your Why


So, at one point or another, you’ve heard about the significance of having a “why” to your business. Like most others, the first thing that came to mind was to make them dollahs obviously! Don’t front, I’m sure you did too! Maybe?

So, I was intrigued enough to dig a little deeper into this concept. I picked up Simon’s Sinek’s “Start with Why” book and devoured it within a few days. Wow, consider myself enlightened. Yes, it indeed made me aware of the lasting impact on defining your why. I thought to myself, what in the world is going to inspire me to rise up in the morning during the humble beginnings and through trying times?

Being mindful of the fact that too often, we tie our happiness to superficial joys and desires; I knew that my why had to be something that was beyond me. I recognize that there is a high chance of my motivation diminishing as hardships arise. In the past, I’ve fell into patterns that did not serve my greater good. I’ve learnt that it all starts by feeding into one negative thought. That one thought became an emotion that I was unusually attached to. I gave it the power to define me and allowed external circumstances to dictate the essence of my being. It always started with a thought, which integrated into my actions which soon became my habits. Essentially, it became my way of life. It was a vicious cycle that I eventually broke out of as I trained myself to develop a tougher mindset.

This leads me to one of my favourite quotes by my home boy Albert Einstein… “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or things”.

Again, I reminded myself that my why needs to be something meaningful enough to sustain me through adversity. Some time passed, and tragedy struck. I found my why… This led me to embark on my journey to Digital Marketing. I was driven to create an online presence where I will have a positive impact amidst the cyber darkness.

It still blows me away today when I think about how powerful the internet is and how influential social media is in todays’ society. In no way do I believe this is a passing trend or the internet pollution will ever dissipate. But I realize, just like forces on earth, there is duality in all things. Where there is life, there is death. Where there is good, there is bad and where there is darkness, there is light. I strive to be the light that shines so ridiculously bright. To be the source of information for those living in absence of light.

Fast forward some more and here I am sitting in class at RED Academy which I believe is the finest tech school around. Today we had the honor of having Jenny, UI Design instructor enrich us with her wealth of knowledge. Our first exercise went right into the core of our why. I thought to myself, I totally got this. I’ve seen the Ted Talk, I’ve read the book, no sweat. Hold uppp. Nope.

She provoked us to really divulge into our why. She held a mirror into my soul where I was able to reach within the depths of my core beliefs. I went in there… This is what I produced in 10 minutes.

I share with you my why…

To be a thriving force within the digital realm where mindfulness is never hindered


To challenge our perception of the world and ourselves to uplift and shift


To foster meaningful connections with each other and ourselves


To embrace the oneness within ourselves and the universe


To make the world a better place to live in, to be able to bring children into this world without fear. To allow us to step into our power and live a life that we truly admire.

To love life

I hope some parts of this resonate. If this inspired or moved you at all, I encourage you to share. Together we are stronger and the louder our voices echo.

Lassttlyy, I wanted to share some things I learnt from Jenny today that may bring you value. In a nutshell, the personality of your brand’s voice represents who you are to the world. It’s your message that is engrained in someone’s head. It’s what will set you apart and prompt them to think of you should they ever need your service/product. Sooo this can all get translated into your brand’s color, typology and voice, hence your brand identity. I shared some resources below.

And in case you’ve never been enlightened with Simon’s talk, I’ve posted a short clip.

Alright, so if you’ve made it this far… Thank you! Special shout out to all my supporters, I have the bestest friends and fam in the world. They’re always here constantly lifting and encouraging me throughout all my endeavours. My cup overflows with love and gratitude.

I’m so looking forward to all the vibrant people I’m about to meet and the endless possibilities to come.

And in case you haven’t heard it yet today, I love you and I honor you ♥ I would love to hear your thoughts so comment below if you feel like sharing. It was quite nerve racking for me to share so much of myself in such a public form. For all that know me, know that I am quite the private person BUT I’m staying true to my why. It literally made me shut up my inner wimp… All in the name of love. Cuz the world needs more of it. Now go hug a thug.

Yours Truly




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