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Google Analytics What?

To put it simply, if you have a website YOU NEED GOOGLE ANALYTICS period. Or it will be like driving with no directions or a destination. A life without a clear purpose, Bert without Ernie, Tom without Jerry, a dog without a bone. Catch my drift? Imagine being able to track what visitors are doing on your site and understand who they are (demographic wise) and what their interests are. From what time they’re visiting to what pages they’re viewing and exiting, to what buttons they’re pushing, how long they’re staying, what device they’re using… The list goes on. I promise there are solid reasons you need to know this info, and no it’s not in the name of being a crazy stalker person.

DATA IS LIFE. It will be used to develop, pivot or enhance your marketing and business development strategies. Through analyzing the right data, we’ll be able to see what’s actually working, what can use improvement and the return on our advertising spends and methods. It’s not like before, where you would pay for a billboard ad and hope it sticks, not knowing if it’s converting or who is seeing it or who even cares. Kinda lame right? Oh wait I guess some are still doing it. If that’s you, no judgements; we only know what we know. Shoot me a message and I’ll send you some essentials to get you familiar with this whole thing. Since there’s a plethora of different information online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  It’ll be just a few of my favourite articles, videos and podcasts for you to review at your own pace. Whenever you feel ready to move forward, we can set up a free video call where you will get my undivided attention and pick my brain at your discretion. And this goes for any of you that are curious too. Please note that services will be available starting in August, but I would love to connect and get to know you earlier to make sure we’re a good fit and our values align.

Soo, to conclude, when correctly used Google Analytics can give in-depth insight on your site’s performance and your audience. Paired with a clever Google Analytics Consultant like I, we can create a plan outlining your specific goals and form actionable paths to tactfully achieve your business objective. There’s very few greater feelings in this world than crushing your goals, in my opinion at least. We’ll make sure that they’re attainable and grind towards crushing them. Pew! Pew! (And when I say “we” I mainly mean me, but your input obviously matters too )









Just like most fine things in life; elegant dinners, bubble baths and aged whiskey; YOU DESERVE IT! And so does your buisiness in having a Google Analytics expert. Except it’s not really an indulgance, it’s imperative for growth! There are some things we just can’t do without in order to be efficient. You can think of it as a gift for your business.. Although this is the kind that will keep on giving

I’ll work with you to design an immaculate Google Analytics implementation specific to your business needs. I’ll show you the ins and outs to get the most out of Google Analytics. It may be a steep learning curve but guess what? Once you got it down pat, you won’t be so needy anymore! From there on, if needed we can work on a monthly basis for insight reporting and support to optimize your digital marketing strategy. High Five 👋

I can make it less intimidating.. See? Not so bad is it? JK lol, this photo came with the wordpress theme. But I will make the program as easy to absorb as possible and get you on your own two feet in no time. 

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